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I was in the Epworth Music Day yesterday as one of the Chevin Consort. I wanted to say how much I enjoyed my maiden voyage to Epworth and how well organised it all seemed. Our venue suited us very well, and especially for me as the singer in some of the pieces, I appreciated being in a more enclosed place to contain my small voice! (Mayfair Court.) The town looked lovely in the sunshine you had ordered especially for the day, and the gardens outside the church were a real treat – someone had been busy trimming edges and weeding.

All the café staff were very forbearing as well on such a busy day for them!

Well done to you and your team for another fabulous day of music.

It brings Epworth to life and it is great to see so many visitors enjoying the day.

Huge congrats.

As always – thanks to you and all the team involved in putting this together. Much appreciated and a great community day. Loved it

Just thought I would drop you an email to say what a brilliant day it was on Saturday, I and many others really enjoyed it and there were lots of comments on the great organisation. What a fab diversity of music genres.

I have asked the Camera Club members who came along to forward any photos to your email address if they are happy to share them. I met with quite a few so let's hope for lots, I took some and will send you those when I get back from a few days away.

Well done on a brilliant day, the first I have been able to attend.

You and your team deserved the success that the music day was after all your hard work. Who would have thought the sun would shine as it did after the week we had!

Everything worked very well for us. The steward checked that we had everything we needed at each venue. The timings were just right, enabling us to relax in between performances. Audiences were very appreciative.

Big thanks to epworth music day, a wonderful time was had at the Mowbray. There was a great atmosphere at our pop concert it was like a Russ Abbott party: Take Note who sounded beautiful as always,; Rum Direction who excelled as always; No Parking for Caravans who sounded fantastic and threw in an elvis costello song which always gets a mention; Poachers Morris in the car park doing the morris dancing thing with big sticks and a absolutely brilliant band called Momma's Days are done.... It was ace cheers

Feedback from 2016

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