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I liked the sunshine. I liked the company, shopping and the music. But liked to laugh as well. The day out was fantastic, especially the dancing.


I heard loads of different kind of music that I hadn't heard before. They were interesting and I liked them all. I liked the shopping and the sunshine. I would like to say a massive thank you to you all. Today was a good day. I’ve enyoed everything. So did my family . They’re so excited.

Epworth Music day was such a fantastic day yesterday. The whole place was buzzing with enthusiasm from every single person, and performers came from all over Lincolnshire and Yorkshire.

Man created city, god created village. My trip to village Epworth was a wonderful experience. Folk dances. Folk music. Cultural costumes..... mesmerising. Beautiful trip.

I've never been to this before but

I will certainly come again.

And THANK YOU to all of the organisers and stewards.

I was listening and enjoying the SAX wind band at the Methodist Memorial Church when  a couple of people just stopped to talk.

They said how much they had enjoyed the day and what a lovely town Epworth was. They hadn’t been before.

Epworth today. Lovely, lovely voice. What a treat for the ears

on behalf of the Messingham Handbell Ringers A BIG thank you. we had a good spot, joined in with the performer before us and enjoyed the brass band. Most of our band had to rush away to other churches for wedding ringing but the ones that stayed had a very good day. Looking forward to next

Congratulations on another wonderful day of music at Epworth. What a super range of music and styles on show to appreciative audiences all over the town. Everything appeared to go very smoothly thanks to brilliant volunteers in every location and thorough preparation of venues, programmes, signage and directions.

It was our third event as participants and always a highlight in our diaries both as performers and spectators.

Feedback from 2016

Great to see Epworth so busy on a Saturday. I hope all the local shops benefitted from all the visitors

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