How to explore Epworth using the map.

You can zoom in and out on the map by using the + and - symbols on the bottom left hand corner of the map. This can also be done using a mouse with zoom facilities (usually a wheel).


You can move the map to the west, east, north or south by putting the cursor on the map holding down the button on your mouse  and dragging the map.


If you drag the little orange man onto a street when the map is in satellite mode, you will see the street as it is seen in real life. You can then turn around or move up and down the streets using your mouse:-

Place the cursor on the map and then hold down the mouse button.

Move the mouse pointer to the left and you will turn the street scene to see the right side.

Move the mouse pointer to the right and you will turn the street to see the left side. This can also be done by clicking on the red and white compass pointer (Right hans side of the page)


You can move up or down a street by using the large white chevrons on the map or by putting the cursor where you would like to move to and clicking the mouse.


From street scene, Click on the left pointing arrow in the address box in top left hand corner to return to map.

Google Map Of Epworth