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Epworth Music Day 2015 Venues

 For Epworth Music day 2015 the following outdoor venues have been confirmed.

Epworth Music Day 2016 (Wet Weather) Venues

 For Epworth Music day 2016 the following wet day indoor venues have been confirmed.

Please Note :- The indoor venues will only be used if the weather is inclement.

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The Epworth Music Day is an attraction that will take place whatever the weather may be. Hopefully, it will be a warm, sunny June day but we have made provisions to use these wet weather venues if necessary. All those who come to support the event will be able to fully enjoy the Music Day's performances in comfort, whatever the weather. Even if we have to move indoors, it should be noted that everything will still be free.

There are two venues in the Eworth Community Well Being and Youth Club.

Venue 1 --- Main Hall

Venue 2 --- Side Room

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