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Scarlett Kirwan

Scarlet Kirwan.jpg

Isle of Axholme based, 17 year old singer-songwriter, Scarlett Kirwan began her musical journey at a very young age, she first set foot on stage in a solo performing role - as a girl and her guitar at age 11. Scarlett has covered some amazing songs adapting them to suit her own unique style of singing such as Joni Mitchell, Eva Cassidy, Karen Carpenter, Taylor Swift, the list goes on.


Scarlett is open to playing around with genres, for example creating a folk/pop song from a rock ballad. Her music has been widely seen over social media gaining a following of over 65K (the majority on Facebook), which is continuously growing. Craving to create her own style of music, she began her songwriting journey four years ago at the age of 13.


Scarlett puts a folky twist on her songs with her beautifully unique voice. It has been said that she has an old soul in a young body. With a 70s vintage style, Scarlett definitely stands out from the crowd. Her latest release ‘Marvellous Mess’ was recorded and produced at Steelworks Studios in Sheffield, similarly to her other original songs, Scarlett uses her lyrics to empower young people. This year is an exciting year for gigs whilst she is in her first year of music college and is committed to making 2024 her year for music.

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