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Saint Andrew's Bells' Ringers

The church has a fine peal of eight bells in the tower with a tenor of a little under seventeen hundredweight. 1937 saw the removal of the previous peal of six bells for them to be recast with some additional metal to form the current peal of eight bells. “To commemorate the Coronation of HM King George the V1, May 12th 1937”. This recasting was undertaken by John Taylor and Co of Loughborough. 


The 8 bells in the tower of Saint Andrew's Church in Epworth are rung on Sundays for services and on Mondays for practice.

The local ringers also support All Saints Church (6 bells) in Belton, ringing there on alternate Sundays and Mondays.

They are always looking for new ringers and promise a warm welcome to experienced and inexperienced ringers alike.

The 1937 Coronation Bell (tenor)

at St Andrew's Church, Epworth

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