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Ray & Pam Thompson

Ossington Pam, Ray 2.jpeg

Ray and Pam Thompson have both been involved in the folk scene for many years. 

Ray’s interest began in the 1970s, watching local artists in folk clubs and concerts in Lancashire. In the late 1980s he took up the guitar and now plays a variety of stringed instruments including octave mandolin and ukulele.

Pam has been involved in folk music since the 1960s, playing guitar and singing in local clubs. She ran a number of folk clubs over the years including Worksop Folk Club, the Grey Horses Folk Club in Carlton-in-Lindrick and the Clowne Community Folk Club. She was also on the Stainsby Folk Festival Committee charged with booking the artists. She took up the melodeon after she retired from work around 2010.

Ray and Pam have performed both solo and together, as a duo, since they got together in 1990. They have been part of various different bands over the years – Murf & Co, Odds and Sods and are currently members of the band Malt Whiskers. Pam also plays melodeon for the morris side, Rattlejag Morris.

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