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Pete Drake

Pete Drake is a singer songwriter living in Haxey, North Lincolnshire. A regular on the grassroots Festival scene he has spent many years building his craft . His music has been played on radio from Honduras to Australia via Japan and Europe and his songs covered by a variety of different musicians worldwide.


His songs are a catchy blend of folk pop with one eye on a humour that holds the whole thing together. In 2019 he had a number 2 chart placement with his song 'All the bands my mates can't stand ' in Dandelion Radio's Festive fifty. 


An avid football fan Pete also writes songs in support of both the England Men and Women's football teams, his latest being the double A side single in support of the Women's Euro in 2022 due to be released in late June.


Pete has played at every Epworth music day since its beginnings and is looking forward to entertaining you all once again.


His influences? 


"I quite like the Neds Atomic Dustbin and Dr.Alban" he says.

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