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Isle Play It

ISLE PLAY IT adult music group started in 2019 and had a few rehearsals before Lockdown started.  We then went on to Skype sessions for months and finally started rehearsing again in Epworth Imperial Hall in 2021. 


We are a group for adults from beginner (grade 1) through to more advanced (grade 6) and currently have saxes, clarinets, flutes, trumpet and strings.  Anything goes really.  We play fun well known pieces ranging from James Bond to more serious classical Handel.  If you can read a bit of music, play a few notes and wish to join a friendly group where squeaks, scrapes and mistakes are welcome then come and join us.  (Thursday afternoons).


No formal group playing experience needed.  ISLE PLAY IT adult music group fits into the community as a group of musicians who wish to play together but probably don’t feel ready for the more advanced orchestras and swing bands that are around.  Give us a try!!

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