Wyrd  Sisters

In 2013, Emma - an accomplished vocalist with several bands (Faded Elbow, Mosquito) decided it was time to fulfill the long held ambition of learning the violin and doing something, well, ‘folky’. By the end of that year it was clearly time to see how it sounded with other musicians - enter Andy (Faded Elbow, Jackhammer) on bass and Owen (Spanking Judge Quits) on guitar.


After a few practices it was clear they were having a good time, ideas came thick and fast, and after a great reception playing at a friend's birthday party they decided to turn the 'Wednesday practice session' into a band. A shared interest in English folklore and mythology (and - in Emma's case -  a healthy dose of Terry Pratchett) led to them settling on Wyrd Sisters as a name, and the rest - as they say - is history!


The original ethos of "playing what we want with the instruments we have" has led to a diverse repertoire, and a  typical set (if there is such a thing!) runs the gamut from Kate Bush to Johnny Cash, The Who to Taylor Swift, and Benny Hill to traditional sea shanties.


The Wyrd Sisters are delighted to have been asked to play Epworth Music Day and look forward to playing for you all.