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The Spa Singers

The Spa Singers are a group of fifty ladies and gentlemen who meet each Wednesday evening for the sheer enjoyment of singing together in a large group.


Theyre based in Woodhall Spa, a delightful village nestling in the heart of Bomber

County with its famous Kinema In The Woods and connections to the men of The Dam Buster Squadron. Their rehearsals are full of fun and laughter, but theyre serious about their singing, and the sorts of songs they sing are varied; classical and comic, stage and screen, dance, jazz and pop. Most are well-known, but they also manage to find those that are definitely out of the ordinary. But if

its got a tune then theyll sing it! And theyre

brilliantly supported by their pianist, the resident organist in The Kinema In The

Woods. At the end of each term they showcase their talents to their lovely audiences. In

November they invite them to join them for their annual We Will Remember’. 


Theyre also invited go out and about to musically support various fund raising events.

In short they meet to sing because they want to sing. They love their singing. They

sing very well and have great fun doing it!

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