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Nigel Rae and Dave Calvert, both experienced musicians, formed Sunnyside duo in 2021 to sing and play their favourite music. The Sunnyside repertoire covers great songs of the last century with genres including Swing, Pop, Folk, Country and Americana.

Nigel has been playing around the Yorkshire music scene for more years than he cares to remember. He sings and plays guitar, mandolin and banjo. His experience spans blues, rock, soul, country, folk, Irish and world music bands, having played at various times in Bassa Bassa, The Spencer Brothers, Bluesville, Bayou Gumbo, The Soul Agents, Shoot The Breeze and Blimey O’Reilly amongst others.

Like Nigel, Dave has been on the Yorkshire music scene for many years singing and playing fretless bass, guitar, banjo and occasional mandola/mandolin. He has played and recorded with local folk, ceilidh, rock & blues ‘outfits’ including Hebric, Aikens Drum, Two in the Bar, Loobie and Blues Roots.

For further information and gig enquiries please contact 07985 007322, or the Sunnyside Duo Facebook page.

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