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No Idle Talk

The current line-up of No Idle Talk has been together since late summer of 2019. As we are in 2022 this should mean we now have a good two and a half years of regular rehearsals and gigs behind us. Sadly, due to events we are all too familiar with, this has not been the case. Fortunately with restrictions now having been eased off sufficiently we are back with a full set list and are covering artists from the 1960s all the way through to the 2000s.


Artists we cover range from the Beatles, The Stones and the Kinks from the 60s through to Free, the Buzzcocks and Pink Floyd from the 70s, ZZ Top from the 80s, Kula Shaker and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers from the 90s through to the Dandy Warhols from the noughties. 


Our line-up consists of Shaun McLoughlin (lead vocals, acoustic and electric guitar, and occasional keyboards), Joe Smith (lead guitar and keyboards), Jacqueline Reid (bass guitar), Colin Dring (drums) and sole remaining founder member Peter Reid on rhythm (and occasional lead) guitar and backing vocals.

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