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Nettleham Community Choir sing just outside Lincoln on Thursday nights. We've been singing together for five years, and sing anything and everything that we like. Horncastle Community Choir have been singing since September 2014 on Tuesday nights. Like our sister choir in Nettleham, we sing loads of different songs, building confidence and community though learning and laughing together as we explore our voices and what we can do with them. 

Our repertoires include improvised choruses, songs old, new, borrowed and blue. Whether sacred, soulful, sea-strewn or just plain silly; we all sing for the sheer joy of it all. No-one auditions, no-one is judged, no-one competes. Everyone is welcome, everyone is valued and everyone sings. We have members from all over Lincolnshire; each of whom love singing for pleasure. We sing at events across Lincolnshire and beyond, and are currently singing to raise money to support a school in northern Malawi. 

Our director Frances Kelly is a Lincolnshire singer and choir director. She has been singing for over 20 years, with a broad repertoire of folk and traditional song; and works throughout the UK and Europe. She is part of Robinson O'Dwyer Kelly and runs various singing events.

Nettleham Community Choir and

Horncastle Community Choir

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