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Feedback and Comments - Epworth Music Day

Feedback and comments are welcomed and appreciated by the Music Day organisers. They help us :-


1.  To identify any areas that need improving,

2.  To identify those areas which have been successful

3.  To evaluate all aspects of the Music Day.


The following are comments and extracts from some of the feedback we received after the Epworth Music Day 2014.

We enjoyed it immensely.

Congratulations! The Music Day was brilliant.

The organisation was superb and the music varied and entertaining

You guys (and gals) did an amazing job! The organising was excellent and I can't even begin to think how many hours went into that.

Thanks to you and all the helpers, stewards etc. for organising such a lovely music day yesterday. We thoroughly enjoyed it .........

The event was great - music everywhere - over 40 different acts, in gardens, pubs, churches,market places. Spaces for people to do spontaneous performances if they wanted to. No one was charged, no one was paid. Absolutely fantastic. See you next year, Epworth!!!

I wanted to congratulate you and the organising committee for all their hard work at this year's Festival.............    It will be a regular on my calendar.

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