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Ramble Gamble

Ramble Gamble are an alternative-folk band from Lincolnshire, formed in early 2014. Matt Hercock, Jonny Lavin, Sian Hart, Chris Logan and Gav Mcarthur formed the band out of a love for music, drinking and refusing to conform to the general sound of their local music scene.


They have played up and down the UK, sharing with audiences their unique style of music, and their adrenaline-fuelled stage presence. From playing in small cramped pubs, to festival stages in front of thousands of people, Ramble Gamble always put on an energetic, inventive show, filled with songs about pirates, cowboys, bar fights, love and whiskey! 


Rather than your typical folk band, Ramble Gamble also explore a variety of other genres, taking what they need to make their sound and songs as original as possible, throw in a variety of stringed instruments, a large percussion setup, more or less made up of anything that isn't a typical drum kit, and you get their alternative-folk sound.


"This band has a real touch of the wildling about them particularly when they've got all four sets of strings on the go and multiple vocals. What I found really pleasing was how balanced their set was. I guess when you have a relatively short slot as a band the temptation must be to go for it, well Ramble Gamble did go for it, but not at the cost of stage craft"

- Neil King (FATEA Magazine)


"I overheard one person exclaim while they were performing “These are brilliant!”. From the opener Beneath The Water which stands up to any good Decemberists tale, to the raw intensity of Nobody, the dark irish sounding pound of Tennessee Jack and the sentimentally catchy All I Ever Wanted to name a few. These guys (and girl) have a powerful mix of original songs."

- Nick Akester (Scunthorpe Nights)

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